• Nanogen Hair Fibre - Dark Brown

    There can’t be a better instant solution for thinning hair! This easy-to-apply hair-building fiber is what experts call an instant hair transplant. These magical Nano Fibres electrostatically bond with your existing hair strands to give you a fuller scalp in just 30 seconds. Magical, isn’t it?

    Rs. 3299
    • 10% off
  • Toppik Hair Building Fibers

    Naturally charged with Keratin Protein, this hair fiber covers balding areas in seconds. Plus, it is available in a wide range of shades that seamlessly match any hair colour. So, until the time you arrange for a permanent solution, this will help you keep your thinning tresses a secret.

    Rs. 3600

    Rs. 4000

    [-10% ]

    [2 Shades]
    • 35% off
  • Krishkare Hair Building Fibers + Hair Locking Spray

    If the possible side effects of a permanent implant scare you, this relatively-safe formula is worth considering. Shake the bottle over thinning spots and see the formula magically intertwine with your natural strands. Bonus: The hair locking spray will stay in place till your next wash! Sshhh…

    Rs. 844

    Rs. 1299

    [-35% ]

    • 63% off
  • Hair4Real Hair Thickening Fiber

    Hello nature lovers! If thinning hair is killing your social life, this 100% natural hair-thickening product is synonymous with confidence. Primarily consisting of Plant Cellulose, all you need to sport a full of hair is shake the bottle over the balding areas. Thirty seconds later, you have a full head of hair!

    Rs. 549

    Rs. 1500

    [-63% ]

    [2 Shades]