Nine pigmentation formulas that actually work

Uneven skin tone—brownish patches on the cheeks, upper lip, nose and forehead—are a common but distressing problem for many women. These dark spots, also called pigmentation, are caused by hormonal changes and sun exposure. Read on to find out some products handpicked by Nykaa, that actually work on pigmentation.

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About Auriga


Auriga is an internationally known dermato cosmetics brand name in skin care. Be it anti-aging, fairness, skin brightening or anti-acne solution, they have a wide range of highly effective and efficient products that are known for their targeted results. The products that Auriga are meticulously formulated in their state of the art labs under the supervision and guidance of professional dermatologists. Undergoing various levels of quality check before coming to you, the products deliver high performance and satisfaction. The sub categories under which are the products are marketed are:? Flavo ? C? Aurigene? DermatrophixThe various skin needs that their products cater to include:? Cleansing? Skin ageing? Redness? Sunscreen? Spots? Lines and wrinkles? Sagging skin? Dark circles? Dull skin? Nail brittlenessSome of the products are:? Nail varnish? Nail polish remover? Serums? Creams? LotionsThe products have carved a niche for themselves in the market and are thus selectively available. With precise and targeted action Auriga products have been setting benchmarks of international standards and quality for greatest customer satisfaction. So what are you waiting for, you can get the entire range of Auriga products at Nykaa. Grab your share and get enthralled by the mesmerising products range.