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Top ten beauty products to cool off with

Forget the fear of melt downs and step outdoors to spend some time in the sun with Nykaa’s top picks to stay cool even when the mercury soars. We guarantee you’ll stay head-to-toe unruffled with these lightweight, non-comedogenic and refreshing beauty products that will keep you cool all summer.

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About Bath & Body Works

If any brand whispers ?Welcome to Wonderland? it is the American based Bath and Body Works. With fabulous packaging and mystical scents, on first glance it transports you to an exotic location where bathing becomes a magical experience, and not just routine. After a long day at work, their mild scents bring heaven to your shower. Fragrances like Bath & Body Works Sun Kissed Berry Body Mist have raving reviews and promises to be rejuvenating and refreshing. Priced competitively, Bath and Body Works India has products around thousand rupees, but delivers holiday spa-like experiences in the comfort of your home. Their shower gels are nature-inspired and innovatively named like Bath & Body Works Into the Wild Shower Gel. Bath & Body Works Be enchanted Shower Gel is reigning the consumer circuit and might be a viable option for a new-to-the-brand consumer. Moisturize after your bath with Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Butter that sounds delicious enough to eat. On a leaner note you can select from a wide array of lotions like Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Breeze Body Lotion. With the renowned scents of Bath and Body Works, watch your bath tub transform completely.