Who’s the fairest of them all?

Dr. Jaishree Sharad, Nykaa skin care expert and Medical Director of Skinfiniti Skin and Laser Clinics, says, given the Indian proclivity for fairness, there are a number of lightening treatments available to help you get the glow you crave.

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About Bioderma


Acne, blackheads, sun tan and what not, our skin has to go through so much. But when you have an expert with you, you need not worry about any skin problem. Bioderma is brand name that has set benchmark of internationals standards and offers high quality products. Cleansing, sun protection, anti-blemish treatment, anti-acne solutions, Bioderma offers a host of products for your daily skin care needs. They understand the varying needs of people with different skin types and thus have 7 product ranges for health and hygiene. ? Sensitive skin ? Sensibio ? Dry skin - Atoderm? Oily skin ? Sebium ? Dehydrated and sensitive skin ? Hydrabio ? Baby skin - ABCDerm? Sun and skin - Photoderm? Hair and scalp ? Node? Lightening ? White objective? Irritated and damaged skin ? CicabioThe products that Bioderma offers include:? Foaming gel? Shampoos? Soap? Night repair cream? Serums ? Under eye cream? Day cream? Fairness brightening serumThe products are designed and formulated under a team of highly skilled and able dermatologists who bring with themselves a great experience. An array of selected products crafted especially for you are available at Nykaa. With Bioderma, your skin is surely going to look and feel fantastic. So what are you waiting for, experience change, experience magic?