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Lacto Calamine is a daily nourishing lotion which falls under the parent brand of Piramal Healthcare. Over the past two decades Lacto Calamine has become the choice of over a million women across India and beyond.Its unique Triaction Formula is a combination of natural Kaolin clay, active zinc oxide and pure glycerin. Kaolin clay helps remove dead skin cells and unclogs pores thus, making your skin feel refreshed. The active zinc oxide evens skin tone and diminishes dark spots and glycerin helps moisturize and hydrate your skin.You can choose your Lacto Calamine as per your skin type. The concerns that it caters to are ? acne, anti-ageing, dark spots and sun protection. In addition to the very popular Lacto Calamine lotion, the brand also offers Lacto Calamine face wash and Lacto Calamine sun shield. The face wash is enriched with fruit extracts to make your skin soft and supple. The special sun shield range has the goodness of aloe vera and Vitamin e. The SPF 30 and PA++ protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.Get the entire range of Lacto Calamine products on and bid good bye to all your skin problems.