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Lifebuoy is a part of the parent brand ? Unilever. Lifebuoy as a brand was founded in 1895 to stop Cholera in england. Over the past century Lifebuoy has evolved into the world?s number 1 germ protection soap. From the tradition soap to liquid soaps and hand wash, Lifebuoy is the world leader in bringing better health and hygiene to billions of trusted customers the world over.Lifebuoy has always aimed to bring the best formulation of germ protection, cleansing and skin care. The range of Lifebuoy bar soaps include ? total 10, mild care, cool fresh, lemon fresh and vita protect. The rich and creamy foam of the body wash reached deep into the skin pores. It cleanses and removes 10 problem causing germs leaving your skin refreshed and cleansed. The all new Clini-Care 10 complete with Activ Naturol shield gives 10 times better germ protection and 10 times more skin care.The Lifebuoy hand sanitizer is an ideal way for keeping your hands clean and germ free on the go. It instantly kills germs and keeps your hands soft and smooth. The specialized quick dry and non-sticky formula helps you disinfect on the go.Choose your favorite from the entire range of Lifebuoy products only at