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Did you know that brushing alone misses about 75% of your mouth? Thus, for complete oral care switch to Listerine antiseptic. Listerine is a brand of antiseptic mouthwash products marketed under Johnson and Johnson. It reaches 100% of your mouth and helps you get rid of plaque and odor causing bacteria. Rinsing you mouth with Listerine antiseptic morning and night cleanses your entire mouth and protects against gingivitis germs for 24 hours. Formulated under the supervision of experts, the products are safe for everyday use. The range of products that Listerine offers include Listerine original, Listerine cool mint, Listerine cavity fighter, Listerine fresh burst and Listerine cool citrus. In India IDA (Indian Dental Association) is the premier association for dental professions. After varied tests and analyses, the IDA has given Listerine its acceptance. In addition to this, Listerine has also been awarded by the American Dental association. There is no compromise with quality, thus you can be rest assured that you are getting nothing less than the best. With Listerine, it is oral care simplified.Get the entire range of Listerine products on and give a new beginning to your oral care regime.