Nivea Collection

How to get your softest skin ever!

Cooler weather can play havoc with skin and dry, rough knees and elbows can put a dampener on the prettiest party dress. That’s why we’re bringing out the big guns of the moisturizing game to get you in tip-top smooth-as-silk shape from head to toe.

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About Nivea

Nivea is a German skin and body care brand that started in the early 1900s. The word Nivea means snow-white; this brand has engineered an emulsion base that eventually lead to it growing into a full fledged multi product global brand. 100% genuine Nivea India products are available online at Nykaa.Consumer reviews for Nivea India have been so favorable, that Nivea expanded from only selling creams to deodorants, lotions, cleansers and so on. Priced moderately, Nivea products have become very popular. In the cleansing department there's a wide variety of face washes and shower gels to choose from for both men and women. Options include Nivea Lemon & Oil Shower Gel. Nivea has lip care products like Nivea Pearl & Shine - Lip Balm and Nivea Pearl & Shine - Lip Balm. Apart from this Nivea India also has a wide range of fragrances and deodorants to choose from. Creams like Nivea Creme are what Nivea is known for world over and through the decades of its existence. Popular consumer products and favorites on Nykaa include Nivea Sparkling Glow Night.