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Nivea Deodorant

Deodorant & antiperspirant industry rounds up to about $18 Billion a year industry and even though, there is a healthy reason behind the incessant sweating, people do everything to stop or at least mask the smell of our sweat. It stops the formation of bacteria that causes body odor and keeps us feeling fresh. Nivea deo neutralizes the smell of perspiration forms a temporary plug in the sweat glands.

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Nivea deodorant provides day long odor control with just one use and gives instant cooling sensation. Nivea Fresh Active Burst Deo Spray’s active minerals gives a refreshing and masculine fragrance that lasts for one whole day. This Nivea men deo is dermatologically approved that maintains the ideal pH balance for the skin. Many deodorants contain aluminum compounds which interfere with regular bodily functions but Nivea deodorant are toxin free products that use essential oils and other natural ingredients. Nivea Whitening Deo Spray is a unique formula which contains licorice extracts which repairs the damaged skin. With continual usage of this product, you’ll see your dark spots reducing and the lingering fragrance will be an added bonus. It’s ultra-light formula doesn’t irritate your skin as it doesn’t have any alcohol. This deodorant for women reduces the production of melanin which leads to even toned underarms.

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