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Falling under the umbrella of The Vedic Collection, Tatha redefines the ancient science of aromatherapy. It is pure heavenly bliss. With Tatha you can break free from the chemical spell and experience nature at its best. The brand has always worked towards re-establishing harmony and balance of the entire system.Today when everything be it our cosmetics or food items, are filled with harmful chemicals and preservatives, Tatha Ayurveda products are preservative and chemical free. They are 100% safe, pure and authentic. Thus it perfectly holds on to its motto ? Nature?s Blessing. Tatha offers a wide variety of personal care, cosmetics and natural wellness products for a healthy and happy living. The categories of products that Tatha offers are ? eye care, lip care, essential oils, hair care, face care, body care and men?s care. Detoxification, rejuvenation and moisturization ? Tatha takes care of all your skin care needs. Scrubs, salts, shower gels, body milk, bath salts, massage oils and what not?Tatha has a host of product categories to give you that that heavenly experience. Be it the Detox balm or the sugar and spice essential oil, Tatha products are aimed at overall wellbeing.Get the entire collection of Tatha products only on