Delight RW 02 Rosewood Dressing Comb(55gm)

Product Description
  • Delight Rosewood Dressing Comb RW-02 is made from natural and organically produced Rosewood (Shisham), this handcrafted 100% chemical-free comb is ideal for grooming and detangling. The smooth, rounded tips gently massage the scalp and provide relaxation. The amazing zero-static property of wood effectively tames frizzy, unmanageable tresses. The fibers in the wood distribute natural oils from roots to tips while enhancing shine. Rosewood stimulates the hair follicles for a rapid hair growth.

    • 100% chemical-free comb, handcrafted from organically produced Indian Rosewood (Shisham)
    • Regular use stimulates hair follicles, prevents scalp infections and normalizes sebum production for rapid hair growth
    • Smooth, perfectly rounded teeth for gentle massaging action
    • Zero-static means shiny, smooth and manageable hair everyday
    • Wooden combs are not meant for use on wet hair

    Note: Wooden combs are not recommended for use on wet hair. To clean wipe thoroughly with a paper napkin dipped in a tiny amount of any natural oil (coconut, olive etc.) and use an old toothbrush to scrub in between the teeth. Wrap the comb in a paper napkin to get rid of any oily residue.

    Additional Information: Delight is one of the fastest growing Personal Care and Accessory brand offering unique, premium quality products that are preferred by professional hairstylists and beauty experts all across India and world wide.

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