FARLIN Slim Waist Feeding Bottle 300 CC

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Product Description
  • Farlin introduces a slim neck feeding bottle that has been designed to make bottle feeding a comfortable, natural and stress-free affair for your baby. The slim waist design allows your baby to hold the bottle easily and self-feed. The lengthened air valve of the bottle and the single hole silicone nipple allow for optimal flow of milk and reduces ingestion of air, thereby preventing the chances of colic. This baby bottle is completely safe and hygienic for your little one. The bottle has a smooth inner surface which prevents the bottle from retaining milk remnants and dust particles, making the bottle easy to clean. The dishwasher safe Farlin slim waist feeding bottle is a practical and hygienic baby bottle that keeps your baby happy and healthy.


    • Farlin Slim Waist Feeding has soft silicone nipple that gives the feel of a mother’s nipple to the baby.
    • The baby feeding bottles have a strengthened circle on top that makes it more durable.
    • The bottle neck slide has a smooth inner surface making it easier to clean.
    • It does not retain milk or dust particles.
    • The lengthened air valve allows constant flow of liquid and less ingestion of air.
    • It is suitable for babies over 3 months.
    • Non-toxic material.
    • Made using high quality polypropylene, silicone and polycarbonate material.
    • 100% BPA Free.
    • H 1 Stretchy, anti-colic and fur preventing nipple.

    Additional Information: Farlin has established a renowned reputation since 1972 and is known for its top quality line of baby care products. They have a wide range of baby feeding accessories, health care products, bath time, nursery and travel gear products for kids of all age groups especially 0-4 yrs. of age. Farlin offers many choices to take care of both Parents and baby’s needs.

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