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The 3 faces of Beauty

When we determine someone's Prakriti or skin type, what we are actually doing is detecting which Dosha is most dominant in the person's constitution. First, the qualities of Absolute Beauty or poise, radiance, and vitality are the same in everyone; yet they express themselves through our different natures. One has the features of Vata; another, Pitta; and the third Kapha. They are simply different by design, and all perfect in their own right.

When you understand the wind, you can appreciate Vata's beauty. Her skin is thin and fine-pored all over, and ever so slightly cool and dry. The features are often refined and delicate and, her cheekbones maybe high. She looks serene in warm pastels and dazzling in jade or emerald and gold. Vata is quick in passion and attachment.There is nothing so unsettling to Vata's sensibilities as a harsh voice or crass language, and nothing so soothing and grounding as a soft touch, or the sweet scent of Jasmine or Rose.

The heat is of fire is penetrating and stimulating, always dehydrating and sometimes scorching.. Once you've stared into her fiery gaze you cannot forget Pitta's beauty. Her eyes are penetrating, with perfect lashes and brows. Cool green and blues balance her intensity and pearls, moonstone, and silver bring out the sparkle in her eyes. When she is happy, no one is warmer or more delightful. Pushed to her extremes, her mood turns angry and argumentative. Pitta has to cool down herself with a rest from activity, a change of scenery, the scent of sandalwood, meditation, and a moonlight stroll.

Once you've felt earth's sensuous embrace, you have understood Kapha's beauty. Her complexion is pale, soft, and cool. Rich red and purples warm her cool skin, and garnets and rubies peak her energy and will. Her graceful manner is charming, not to mention calming and understanding. Once her natural equanimity is upset, however, Kapha's attachments become possessive. A vigorous massage with warming sesame oil, some lively music with a strong beat and the volume on high, and Kapha will be up and dancing again in no time.