Corioliss K2 Treatment Hair Straightener - Black

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Product Description
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    Corioliss K2-Advanced Argan Shine Hair Straightener.

    Product Feature:

    • Exclusive black diamond plates
    • Professional vapor-infusion treatment technology
    • Temperature range from 130-230?C
    • 3-meter long 360? tangle free swivel cord
    • Exclusive black diamond plates
    • Professional vapor-infusion treatment technology
    • Heat activated Argan shine treatment
    • Steam infused hair look glossier, healthier and shinier
    • Temperature range from 130-230?C
    • Patented variable steam technology
    • Can be used without Argan ?Shine Treatment
    • Free: Argan Shine Treatment Bottle
    • 1-Hour automatic sleep mode for peace of mind
    • Salon approved 3-meter long 360? tangle free swivel cord
    • Attractive Gift Box Pack
    • The K2 from Corioliss is a revolutionary Argan Shine Treatment
    • straightener extremely suited for the thickness and texture of Indian hair. With the innovative Argan Shine infusion technology, you get to treat and nourish hair with the Moroccan Argan Shine oil as well as straighten the hair. The Argan oil nourishes and treats dry, dull, damaged hair and doesn't just gloss them to make them look shiny like the steam infusion straighteners available in the market. The Argan Shine treatment is controlled by a patented variable steam technology and hence you don't need to worry about the working of the same.
    • Each Argan shine bottle lasts for about 40-45 treatments. This depends upon the usage pattern also. As you get used to the straightener you can maximize the number of treatments per bottle. The setting of the Argan shine infusion can be adjusted between 0, 1 and 2 depending upon how much you want to pamper your clients.
    • The K2 is a real professional hair straightener and hence can be used with or without the Argan shine oil treatment. The revolutionary black diamond plates impart shine and gloss to the hair. Due to the diamond-like super-hard properties the plates are extremely durable, sturdy and long-life. The plates are mounted on a floating mechanism thus taking into care the gap in between the plates. The extra-width and the extra-length of the plates are most suited to Indian hair. You can easily handle all and any types of hair without effort and pain.

    What is Argan Shine Oil?

    Argan Oil is a very rare oil that restores smoothness and luster in dull, dry and damaged hair. It doesn't mask and cloak dryness and damages, it actually strengthens and repairs damaged sites where the hair has become rough or brittle.

    Argan Oil contains extreme anti-aging and conditioning properties, due to its high concentration of anti-oxidants, tocopherols and carotenes. It is rich in vitamin E & essential unsaturated fatty acids, and is often referred to as "Liquid Gold."

    Due to the heat infusion technology of the Corioliss K2, the Argan shine oil actually gets embedded into the shaft of the hair which would not be possible without the heat treatment.

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