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Lipsticks are a quintessential part of every woman's vanity. Women of all ages use them, and why not, just one swipe of this wonder product can completely transform any look. It’s a rage among teenagers as well as older women. The wide range of shades and brands make lipsticks perfect for daily wear and even special occasions. The popularity of the product now enhances as we have now herbal lipsticks too.

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With the introduction of herbal lipstick brands, the demand has increased further because they are made using natural ingredients and are safer compared to their counterparts. Earlier lipsticks were made using chemicals to enhance their color and texture, however, these chemicals are not safe and can pose a threat to the health of the person wearing it. Since it is an essential beauty product, it was impossible to give up on it altogether, what came out as a solution to this problem is what we now know as herbal lipstick. A lot of research and efforts went into making these ayurvedic lipsticks, however, the result was better and enhanced lipsticks that are made using ingredients derived from organic plants.

Nykaa offers a wide range of herbal lipsticks in India from some of the best national and international brands. Explore a wide range of herbal lipstick shades and colors on our website and get beautiful lips with just one swipe! These herbal lipsticks do not have any side effects and apart from giving lips the desired tint they also keep them hydrated. This means elimination of dry and chapped lips. Some of the best organic makeup brands on our website include Lotus Herbals, Zuii Organic, and many more. Our bestselling herbal lipsticks are Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Matte Lip Color and Organistick Lipstick. With so many organic makeup products available, when are you going all natural?

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