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  • How to make your lipstick transfer-proof within 2 mins

    A simple 3 step tutorial to show you how to make any lipstick transfer proof and long lasting. All you need is a lip liner, lipstick, some powder and tissues. You can do this in under a minute and this is going to prevent your lipstick from transferring to coffee mugs and glasses!

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    About Lip Liner

    Lip Liner

    The lady knows that it not just the lip colour that defines beauty but the way it is applied. You could have some of the most scrumptious lipstick shades but they would still fail to have the desired effect if they aren’t defined and applied right. For this very reason, we call in the supremacy of the lip liner. Used to define and pronounce the shapes of your lips, the lip liner is your kitty goddess. A few, neat tricks and you know that you want your lip liner to blend in beautifully rather than stand out like a starring outline. The best lip liner can make your lips look plush and full.

    Nykaa comes in with varied options to achieve your coveted lip look. From the Revlon lip liner range with its Colorstay lip liner pencils to the Maybelline lip liner range with its Color Sensational, it just gets better. There is the Inglot Full Metal Lip liner that embodies volume and the Makeup Revolution Amazing Lip Liner that makes you go weak in the knees.

    You can also try the ever famous Maybelline The Colossal Liner. Know your lip colours but know your application even better. Surge through the days that speak of greys with lips that spill colour. Check out the other lip makeup products here.