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“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Agreed it was the evil queen who spoke in front it, but mirrors for us, are the very basic accessory, and the best friend of one who loves beauty as an expression. Pocket or full-size, purse or room, this is one makeup mate that finds room in every space of our lives.

Mirrors Online at Nykaa

Mirrors are the essential reflection of beauty, and we at Nykaa agree to this statement whole-heartedly. Embrace the true you and love the new you, as mirrors form a part of your daily life, whether you do your skin-care routine, or you paint the canvas of your face to create that perfect makeup look. Mirrors are your best friend, anytime, anywhere. We have collaborated with the top most brands, like QVS, Basicare, Panache, and many more. We have some of the bestselling mirrors online at Nykaa, like Basicare Make-Up/shaving Mirror with Handle, Basicare Duo-sided Mirror, Panache Compact Mirror Exotic, QVS Close-up Mirror 10X, and many more.

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