Ustraa Hair Wax(100gm)

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  • Ustraa's Hairstyling Wax will keep your hair exactly the way you intend it to. For all rascals married or in a relationship this will be that one thing that listens to you, no questions asked. It contains Lavender oil which nourishes hair, improves blood flow in the scalp and moisturizes hair. All this while making your hair look sexy.


    • Enriched with Essential Oils that are rich in nutrients and have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
    • It keeps the scalp smooth and radiant
    • The hair wax will make your hair stay exactly the way you want them
    • SLS and Paraben free formula

    Key Ingredients:

    • Lemon Essential Oil - Keeps your hair Nourished with Shine. Exfoliates the scalp, natural hair straightener, repairs split ends, checks hair loss and is a natural conditioner.
    • China Clay - Checks itchy hair, is a natural hair mask, retains the hair natural oils and does not leave it dry as compared to other wax products.
    • Water Based Substance - Works far better than wax based substances, this is a myth breaking products which does not make it compulsory for you to shampoo every time you use it.
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Ustraa Hair Wax