Barbie Exclusive Pack

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  • Barbie brings you exclusive range of products which helps you to groom your child.

    • Barbie Exclusive Pack contains Barbie Bath and Shower Gel, Barbie Conditioner Shampoo, Barbie Nail Polish and Barbie Lip Balm.
    • Barbie Bath and Shower Gel is specially developed for tender skin.
    • Thoroughly cleans skin and removes dirt, excess oil.
    • Gives your skin a pleasant aroma which lingers around for hours.
    • Barbie Conditioner Shampoo pampers hair.
    • Formulated specially for particular age group it finely cleanse hair and scalp.
    • Removes dandruff, dirt and leaves hair soft, smooth.
    • Makes hair soft, silky and manageable.
    • Barbie Lip Balm aids in making dry lips soft and smooth.
    • It provides nourishment to lips and keeps it moist.
    • With this lip balm never fall prey to problems caused by dry lips.
    • Makes nail beautiful and attractive with Barbie Nail Polish.
    • Gives nails glittery shine.

    Additional Information: The very first Barbie doll was introduced in 1959 in the USA, by Ruth Handler under Mattel Inc. Till date they continue to grow with their Barbie range of products made for children.

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Barbie Exclusive Pack