Nike Sensaction Woman Fruit Burst Shampoo & Shower Gel(300ml)

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  • Imagine fruity sensations bursting as a scent with every step that you take. With every lather that you create while in bath, a fruity sensation just bursts over you, making your bathing ritual an enjoyble experience. Welcome to the world of Nike Sensaction, where sensations shower over you like fruity bombs. Nike Sensaction Woman Fruit Burst Shampoo & Shower Gel:

    • Contains burst of fruity extracts that enlighten your senses ans awaken you with the refreshing scent.
    • Has scent that is ultra feminine and not at all overpowering.
    • Cleanses all the dirt and impurities well, softening the skin and hair in the process.
    • Does not rip skin and hair off the natural oils.

    Additional Information: Nike Sensaction is a range that is not refreshing to your senses, but bursts upon you the bombs of sensations that make it totally sensactional! Give in to the bursts of sensations with every shower you take, and immerse your senses in the fruity bursts of scents, with every step that you take. An amazing two in one product, for the women on the go.

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