Nova Wet And Dry Premium Multistyler NHC 993 Hair Straightener (Black)

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Product Description
  • Pull your hair up in a French bun when you wear an evening gown or leave it untied and flaunt it with your bohemian maxi. This hair styler from Nova transforms your unruly hair into gorgeous and voluminous locks effortlessly.

    Wet or Dry Use

    You can use this hair styler on both towel-dried/damp hair and completely dry hair.

    Multiple Tools

    Smoothed and straightened, or loosely curled – style your hair the way that you want to with this 2-in-1 hair styler from Nova.

    Safety Features

    The key-lock function keeps the plates held together when not in use, while the light indicators signal whether the appliance is on or off. Additionally, the device shuts off automatically in order to avoid accidents due to overheating.

    Swivel Cord

    The long swivel cord makes it easy for you to move around and grab a pin or a bottle of hair gel from your dresser's shelf.

    Ceramic-coated Plates

    The patented ceramic coating keeps your hair from sticking to the plates while you style it.

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