Omved Shishu Ubtan(25gm)

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  • This ultra-gentle nutrient-rich, cleansing mixture of herbs, flowers and grain powders, is based on a well-researched, classical Ayurvedic recipe to cleanse, nourish, and purify the baby's skin. This ubtan can be also used in place of a soap for your baby's tender skin. This daily nourishing bath powder is formulated with botanicals, scientifically proven for their medicinal benefits to skin & health.

    This shishu ubtan is packed with :

    • Green Moong acts as a natural cleanser
    • Turmeric acts as an antiseptic to fight infections
    • Healing Ixora flowers helps fight skin infections like eczema
    • Purifying Tulsi helps to improve skin tone
    • Cooling white Sandalwood and Aromatic Rose petals that refreshes the skin Keep your baby clean, fresh and irresistibly sweet smelling.
    • Omved Shishu Ubtan is a super fine blend of botanical assured safe and nourishing for baby's tender skin.

    Key Features :

    Scientific research proves that nearly 90% of all that you put on a baby's skin gets absorbed into its body. Bath times are when they are most susceptible since warm water opens the tiny pores. Ayurveda advocates cleansing baby's skin with pure natural herbs and grains, not mixed or preserved in some formula but powdered fine and to be used as is.

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