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This Just In: USPRAY Toilet Seat Sanitizer Review

Unveiling the only product that will make life so much easier. This travel-sized compact spray is a toilet seat sanitizer that ensures a germ-free toilet experience. Toss it in your handbag while heading out the door.

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One of the most important aspects of health and personal hygiene is intimate care and yet it is often neglected. The main reason being many women are unaware of intimate care products and how to use them. The intimate area is one of the most delicate areas of our bodies and it is important to follow a separate regime to keep it clean and irritation free.

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Most women only start caring about their intimate areas once they experience some discomfort or irritation in the area. However, prevention is always better than cure and washing only with soap and water while taking a bath is not enough. In fact, it is best to avoid soap in the area as the vaginal skin only requires a Ph balance of 3.8 to 4.5 to avoid dryness, irritation and growth of bacteria. Here are few tips one can use to take better care of their intimate area. Never scrub or use something harsh on the intimate area as it could lead to scratches. Always use a soft napkin or towel to wipe the area. Irrespective of the weather, wear cotton underwear as it is soft, skin-friendly and quickly absorbs moisture.

Feminine hygiene products are easily available online, however, while looking for an intimate wash, cream or spray ensure you opt for a product that is made with natural ingredients. Avoid artificial chemicals that will make the vagina dry.

Finding the best intimate wash products in India is no more difficult as it’s available easily online. Nykaa provides an extensive list of intimate care products for your varying needs and preferences at amazing offers and discounts. Right from intimate wipes, intimate cream, intimate wash to menstrual cups and hygiene spray, we have got it all covered! Some of the best- selling intimate care brands available in India are VWash, Bella, Everteen, Sirona, Clean & Dry etc. Nykaa has a large variety of intimate care products online that you can hand pick from according to your brand preference and concerns, some of the bestselling intimate products on Nykaa are VWash Plus Expert Intimate HYGIENE Ph3.5, Bella Sensitive Feminine Wash, Everteen Vaginal Tightening & Revitalizing Gel and Sirona Premium Applicator Tampons - Super Plus Heavy Flow and many more.

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