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The new age man is constantly looking to change his overall appearance. He is in touch with himself, grooms his body from head to toe and is very much into fashion clothes, sports and global affairs. Facial hair being the primary trend for men these days, men are choosing the best of products to maintain their beard. But what often gets neglected in a shaving cream or lotion that soothes the freshly shaved skin, repairs the minor cell damage due to blade and prevents the skin from turning grey. The after-shave care comes as a lotion, balm and cream that has a refreshing fragrance with soothing and healing properties.

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When we shave our beard, we don’t realize the irritation and harm we are causing the skin by rubbing the razor blade on it. It hampers the outer most layer of the skin causing redness, itching and even breakouts, but we don’t need to go through all this. Using pre & post shaving essentials not only nourishes the skin but protects it from the razor. Pre-shave oil consist of essential oils that prepares the beard for a comfortable shave without making it oily or greasy. And once the shave the done, using an after-shave lotion, after shave balm or after shave cream instantly soothes the skin and heals the cells by rejuvenating them. After shave products has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties such as denatured alcohol or stearate citrate that prevents the infection from minor cuts and astringent acts as a soothing agent to reduce irritation, redness et al. Most of these after-shave products contains a pleasant masculine fragrance that’s refreshes the mind and gets you ready for the day. So, it’s always a great idea to choose a proper care along with your hygiene. After all, shaving is gentlemen’s business and you don’t want to compromise on that. Some of the best after shave lotion and other Pre & Post shave essentials available at Nykaa are Gillette, Biotique, Beardo, L’Oreal and Nivea, they are serving our gentlemen a perfect shave with ease and comfort at home, such as Avene Thermal Spring Water, Nivea For Men Sensitive After Shave Balm, The Shave Doctor Kit and many more.

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