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Pepper Spray

Although pepper spray, or more commonly known as a self-defence spray, is often associated with the safety of women, this is an important item for anybody looking out for safety and protection without having to depend on others for the same. So if you are an elderly couple staying alone or a businessman carrying lots of cash for business ventures here and there, this is the ‘it’ product for you.

Pepper Spray Online at Nykaa

Although most countries do allow the buying and selling of pepper sprays, there are some countries where it’s still illegal but India is not one of them. Here you can easily buy chilli spray online without having to go to a shop to buy one. This oc spray can easily be kept in the bag and comes with an auto lock feature so that it doesn’t get spilled accidentally. And what does it actually do? Well, mucous membranes of the attackers’ body automatically get shut down with a spray, instantly causing him/her to shut the eyes giving you extra time to run away from the spot. The effect stays for approximately thirty minutes. But we would recommend that you test spray the bottle before using it on your attacker. These sprays are available in canister bottles and you must ensure that you know how to use them properly.

You can buy pepper spray online here at Nykaa. To know about the right pepper spray and pepper spray price, we would suggest you visit Nykaa and see the various discounts we have on offer. Currently, during our sale period, you can get amazing discounts from the best brands. All you need to do is select a product, add it to cart and simply make payment! Finding best pepper spray in India is no more difficult as it’s available easily online. Some of the best-selling chilli spray for safety available in India are Bodygard and much more. Nykaa has a large variety of self-defense pepper spray in India that you can hand pick from according to your brand preference and concerns, including new launches like Bodygard Pepper Spray and much more.

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