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Bath sponge and loofah pads are an extremely important part of our personal care routine. They turn bathing into a delightful experience and exfoliate your skin like nothing else. But did you know that apart from regular exfoliation, body sponges have a string of other uses too?

Bath Sponge & Loofah Online at Nykaa

To start with, loofahs exfoliate the dead skin cells that the epidermis sheds. Usually, these skin cells remain clinging to the body making you look tanned and dark. A loofah gently removes these dead skin cells and gives you a glowing skin. Secondly, loofahs are excellent in circulating blood and hence give you a healthy radiant skin. While using a bathing sponge is great for your skin, it gently cleanses, exfoliates your skin and hence is perfect for your everyday skin care routine. It is a must have the item in your bathing list and is ideal to give you a flawless skin. However, it is imperative that you clean these loofah sponges on a regular basis or they will accumulate bacteria and cause more harm than good. Also, while buying loofah online, ensure that they are soft and exfoliate the skin in a mild way since abrasive loofahs will harm your skin.

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