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Do You Need Sunscreen On Cloudy Days?

Check out the top eight Nykaa-approved rainy day sunscreens to keep you looking gorgeous.

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About Sunscreen


We all know sunlight is essential to boost our body's Vitamin D supply but over exposure to sun muddles the skin cell production leading to irreversible damages like skin cancer, pre mature ageing, pigmentation and dullness. In our routine life we tend to ignore any skin changes caused by sun. At initial stages the damage is not noticeable but overtime skin becomes dull and dry gradually. A lot of use are ignorant about the irreversible damages caused by daily exposure to sun hence we avoid using sunscreens. To make things worse, many of us continue to believe in some common sunscreen myths like:? Myth:Sunscreen makes skin greasy and sticky Solution: Try an oil free formula like Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ with Helioplex Technology which absorbs into your skin instantly! Myth:Sunscreen can be allergic on sensitive skin Solution: Vichy's Capital Soleil Protective Sun Cream Face Spf 50+ is anti-allergic and extremely light on skin. Myth:Sunscreen cannot be applied beneath make up:Solution: Sunscreens now come in tinted shade which provides instant brightness to skin like VLCC's enbrighten Tinted Sunscreen Souffle SPF25.

The water based formula prevents the extra shine and the mildly tinted cream adds instant radiance. Myth:Sunscreen reduces fairness leading to dull skin Solution: Lakme Sun expert Fairness+ UV Lotion SPF 30 PA+++ is a two in one cream which provides protection against sun while acting like a daily fairness cream. Regular use brightens and lightens the skin. It can be used as a regular day cream as it reduces pigmentation and dark spots.If too many medicated ingredients stop you from using the above mentioned sunscreens then Lotus Herbals have developed a special sunscreen range which creates a natural protective shield for your skin. Lotus Herbal Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte look Daily Sun Block PA+++SPF-40 is an ideal sunscreen for the ones who like to take the natural way to skin protection.These common myths prevent a lot of people from using sunscreens and gradually they develop some visible signs of skin damage caused by over exposure to sunlight. With the use of modern technology skin care companies have developed sunscreens suitable for all skin types. So make sunscreens your handbag essential!