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Why you need a face mist this summer

Summer’s here and you need a refreshing beauty pick-me-up right now! Of course drinking gallons of water always helps but it’s important to hydrate from the outside too. Hello Facial Mists!

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About Face Mist

Face Mist

Refresh and repair your skin, in just one rejuvenating spray of water that is composed of the purest of minerals, just for you. Facial Mists are the new celeb faves that we can’t stop raving about. Keep one handy in your purse, and give your face the crazy bout of refreshing glow, anywhere, anytime.

Face Mist Online at Nykaa

Facial Mists are the new rave in town, and we at Nykaa just had to get it on board so that you beauties can get your hands on this latest rage in skin care. Enriched with purest of minerals and devoid of harmful preservatives that can damage your skin in the long run, facial mists can be a tad expensive, but a perfect way to tone, refresh, and repair your skin, in the most fuss-free manner. Nykaa has the finest skin care brands on-board, the ones that have taken inspiration from French beauty secrets, unravelled the beauty that lay in the womb of ancient Indian Ayurveda, just at your fingertips, at the comfort of your home. Browse and find