Vichy Dercos Neogenic Hair Renewal Treatment 14X6(6ml Each)

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  • 1st Hair Renewal Treatment :

    • With Stemoxydine 5% -patented molecule 1700 new hair on 90 days.

    • Test on 101 subjects, daily application for 3 months- Average value for an alopecic hair.

    Range Description :

    Over 30 years in hair environment research, developing innovative & revolutionary hair care solutions for hairloss & dandruff.

    Target :

    For men and women suffering from a lack of capillary density, whose scalp is visible or sparce.

    Efficacity :

    • Between 2 cycles, the hair bulb falls into a dormant phase during wich the bulb is on hold and remains empty.

    • To change phase , the hair bulb needs a wake up signal: it is by working on this phase that L'Oreal Research has discovered the role of stem cells in the awakening of dormant bulbs and renewal the hair.

    • Dercos Neogenic with Stemoxydine, 1st molecule biomimetic molecule to promote the effective functioning of stem cells.

    • Awakens dormant bulbs.

    Tolerance :

    • Suitable for sensitive scalp.

    • The formula is hypoallergenic, paraben free, non sticky.

    Pleasure :

    • A Pleasant And Lightly Scented Lotion.

    • Stimulating A Sense Of Freshness With The Application Ot Neogenic Lotion.

    • Then Very Quickly, The Lotion Disappears And Leaves No Greasy Film.

    • The Styling Is Easy.

    • The Light Scent, Very Natural Was Formulated To Seduce Women And Men.

    • The Pleasure Of A Micro massage Thanks To The Ergonomic Massage Tip.

    • Very Soft, It Can Perform A Micro-Massage Of The Scalp Stimulating Micro circulation.

    Proof :

    • Awakens dormant buls.

    • Hair density is increased.

    • On average 1700 ne hair in 90 days.

    • Test on 101 subjects, daily application for 3 months - Average value for an alopecic hair.

    Action :

    • Stemoxydine 5%- patented molecule.

    • The 1st biomimetic molecule, to promote the effective functioning of stem cells, wich are at the origin of new hair.

    • Awakens dormant bulbs.

    • The number of hair fibers increases, the head of hair is re-filled.

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