10 must-have beauty tools in your bridal arsenal

November 2, 2016
Posted by Shreya Sardesai
Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the biggest event of your life, but let’s be real, it’s basically an endurance test! So, if you’re feeling the pressure while planning your D-day, we feel for you. Every bride needs a beauty tool arsenal to get her through all the events, and luckily for you, we’ve got you covered! We took the liberty of being your virtual bridesmaid and put together a list of beauty tools that’ll completely awe your guests.

Hair brush

You’ll be amazed with what this little thing can do! All those different hairstyles can tangle-up your hair. Keep strands smooth and manageable with the Compact Tangle Teezer. Plus point: it will fit in your bridal clutch perfectly.

Compact Dryer

Who doesn’t like to flaunt a bombshell blow-out? This little guy BaByliss D212E Hair Dryer Compact, will make sure you have a ‘good hair day’ at all times. And, it’s compact, which means you’ll have more suitcase space!

Eyelash Curler

A good eyelash curler can make a hell lot of difference to your eye makeup. Vega Premium Eyelash Curler looks ultra-luxurious and curls your lashes like a pro!

Beauty sharpener

Ain’t nobody got time to cry over broken tips! Faces dual sharpener will make sure your eye liners and lip liners are ready-to-use at any time.


For all the stubborn strays and super rapid growth, you need a tweezer that delivers! Keep your brows on fleek and looking super sleek with the Basicare Tweezer .

Nail Kit

Everything you need to maintain those beautiful nails, is in the Panache Knockout Nail Kit. So, ditch the salon and get your nails done wherever you go!

Makeup genie

If there is one thing that can get your whole make-up look flawless, then it has to be the Beautyblender. You can easily do away with dozens of makeup brushes and invest in this one-stop beauty tool.

Personal Hairstylist

Want to flaunt amazing hairstyles every day? Well, you won’t need to break your bank to do that. It is safe to say that the secret for a fabulous hair-do is BaByliss TW1100E Twist Secret.

Hair Tie

There are times when you want to sport a stunning hairstyle and then there are times when you just want to put your hair in a bun. The Invisibobble Hair Ring has got your back at all times. No tugging, no pulling, and no headaches, your hair will thank you for this!

Shaving kit

If you seek smooth stubble-free skin then it is right this way! Gillette Venus All In One Gift Pack has everything you need to get those gorgeous skin. Tanned, glossy legs while honeymooning? Check!