Avène Thermal Spring Water is captured directly at its source, ensuring that all its soothing and softening properties are preserved.

Each spray contains all its properties. You will be wrapped in softness and your skin will fee soothed.

Eau Thermal Avène story began in 1736, in Avène, a small village located in the south of France where the properties of the Thermal water were discovered. The story of this cure, considered at the time to be miraculous, spread rapidly. Doctors in the surrounding regions advised their patients to use warm Avène thermal spring water for their skin disorders in the "thermal establishment founded in 1743".

The vocation of Avène since 1743 has not changed: the hydrotherapy center is only dedicated to dermatology.

Avène Hydrotherapy center is today still dedicated to skin sensitivity and welcomes 2600 patients every year to follow treatments based with Avène Thermal Water.

Avène thermal spring water is at the origin of the all Eau Thermale Avène skin care range. This is the insurance that all Avène products are:

Developed for the most sensitive or intolerant skin Validated by stringent tests of effectiveness, tolerance and hypoallergenicity Tested under dermatological control Developed with gentle formulas and textures developed to comfort sensitive skin

The properties of the Avène Thermal water have been studied by many doctors over the centuries. A Water Research Center constantly controls and monitors the purity and qualities of Avène Thermal Spring Water. The strenghths of the Avène Laboratories research center:

Rigorously selected innovative ingredients International experts Expert knowledge in the field of dermo-cosmetics

  • Sun Protection
  • Oily Skin
  • Hyperpigmention
  • Essential Care
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Redness
  • Body Care

Sun protection range

Whether it's summer, monsoon or winter, you should always protect your skin from the sun. Avène Very High Protection range offers a very wide protection from UVBs and UVAs, for sensitive skin

oily skin range

Adapted hygiene and skin care products are essential to accompany acne treatments... Discover Avène special skin care 3-step ritual for acne-prone skin.

hyperpigmentation range

Hyperpigmentation ritual in 3 steps: Discover Avène solution to treat, protect your skin and prevent the appearance of localised or widespread dark spots.

essential care range

Your skin can be naturally sensitive, but sensitivity can also be a long-term or temporary condition, causing discomfort and tightness: this is why using the right product is absolutely necessary. Discover our basic ritual for sensitive skin!

anti-ageing range

A few wrinkles and lines here and there, loss of tone and elasticity, uneven skin texture, loss of radiance... These are the signs of age: time to take action!


Redness prone skin can be managed with proper care. The Antirougeurs product line is a comprehensive regimen for mulated with ingredients to support microcirculation and soothe irritation associated with Rosacea.

body care range

For skin irritation, or after a dermatological procedure.. the skin needs rapid, effective healing care. Here is the Avène solution