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Estée Lauder
The woman behind the brand.
Estée Lauder’s story could have started on the stage. Before her head was filled with visions of complexion perfection, the woman who would revolutionize the cosmetics industry wanted to be an actress. But the business of beauty pumped through her veins.
"There is nothing mysterious or difficult about giving yourself the most beautiful face in the world."
Born for Beauty
The niece of a Hungarian chemist, Estée was trained in the art of face creams at an early age.
The Start of Something Beautiful
Estée built her company with the perfect mix of know-how, dedication, persistence, passion, family commitment-and a lot of free samples.
Beauty Breakthroughs
depends on
daring to act
on dreams,"
according to Estée, who turned a homespun cream into a global cosmetics empire.
Going the Distance
Estée Lauder began expanding internationally in 1960 and is now sold in over 150 countries across the globe.
the Little Brown Bottle with Big Results
The first serum to repair skin's appearance during the night. One of Estée most enduring legacies came in the form of a 'little brown bottle.' In 1982, she launched Night Repair Cellular Recovery Complex, the first scientifically based serum to repair skin's appearance during the night. Now incorporating the latest innovations and with 25+ patents worldwide, Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II helps promote the natural synchronization of skin's nighttime repair process to help skin look younger.
A Lasting Legacy
"My company is alive with a dauntless spirit of its own, and my children and grand- children are here to cheer it on."
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