Advance Nutratech Bulkamino Egg Yolk Powder

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Product Description
  • Bulk amino Egg yolk Powder is prepared from fresh egg yolk which is spray dried to create a soluble powder. It is an excellent way to add a good source of healthy fat into your diet. It contains same nutritional value and cholesterol as that of a real egg yolk and is a rich source of essential fatty acids. It is ideal for anyone looking to add valuable calories to their diet and for those looking to add body weight or support an active lifestyle. It is gluten free and doesn't contain artificial colour and flavour. It can be used not only as a nutritional supplement but also for making bakery product (doughnuts), pastry making, glazing etc. It is the perfect choice for people who are lactose intolerant.


    • Great for Increasing Protein content in your regular shakes
    • Great for Baking and other recipes like cakes, biscuits etc
    • Made up of pure ingredients
    • It is gluten free and doesn't contain artificial colour and flavour

    Additional Information: Advance Nutratech passion for health and fitness continually drives them to deliver smart, simple and convenient products so that you can easily reach your wellness goal, even with today's hectic schedules. As the innovators of whey protein powders, the brand strives to create products that evolve with your needs while being delicious, balanced for optimal health, and easy to fit into your daily routine.

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