Amway Nutrilite Kids Combo (Kids Cal / Mag & Iron)

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  • Ensure your kids get all the essential vitamins and minerals that keep them healthy and active all day long with Amway Nutrilite Kids Combo (Kids Cal / Mag & Iron).

    Amway Nutrilite Kids Chewable Calcium Magnesium - 100 Tablets

    Amway Nutrilite Kids Chewable Calcium Magnesium is a delicious natural flavoured supplement for the overall development of the bones and muscles of children. It ensures that all the teens get enough Calcium is critical during the adolescent life stage for building almost half of our skeleton frame. It contains Calcium which plays a vital role in helping to build a framework of healthy bones and teeth. The additional Magnesium contributes to the normal functioning of a child's nervous and muscular system. Together Calcium and Magnesium help build healthy bodies.

    • Beneficial for healthy bones and teeth.
    • Must for normal muscle and nerve functions.
    • Ensures providing Calcium and Magnesium benefits.
    • Natural Cocoa flavour adds to the yummy taste.
    • Recommended for children of 4 years and above.
    Amway Nutrilite Kids Chewable Iron - 100 Tablets

    Packed with 6mg of Iron and 5mg of Calcium per serving Amway Nutrilite Kids Chewable Iron comes in natural Raspberry flavour to help develop the mind and body of your child. This is a natural Raspberry flavoured supplement that even the most finicky bundles of energy will gobble them up which further helps kids get off to a healthy start.

    • Provides 5mg of Calcium and 6mg of Iron per serving.
    • Supports healthy mind and body development of children.
    • Ideal for children above the age of 4 years.
    • Available in tasty Natural Raspberry-Cherry flavour.
    • No artificial flavours or colours and free of aspartame and lactose.

    Additional Information: Amway Nutrilite is one of the Top Selling Vitamins and Dietary supplements brand in India. Offering a wide variety of nutritional supplements and products, Nutrilite products help you stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    MRP: 1624

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Amway Nutrilite Kids Combo (Kids Cal / Mag & Iron)
4% off