Andis NT-1 Cordless Personal Trimmer For Men

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    Andis is a 92 years old premium brand of hair clippers and grooming tools from the USA. With decades of manufacturing and designing experience Andis today is one of the forerunners in the field, offering the latest in innovations and technology in hair cutting and styling tools.

    Andis NT-1 Cordless Personal Trimmer For Men (Silver) is specially designed to trim eyebrows and hair on nose and ears, leaving your skin. The NT-1 trimmer is suitable for both dry and wet trim.

    This trimmer removes unwanted hair easily and efficiently in just a few seconds. The maintenance of this Andis NT-1 trimmer is also convenient as it can be rinsed using plain water.

    The?sleek and slim body?of this NT-1 trimmer fits comfortably in your hand. The comfortable grip of the Andis NT-1 enables easy control so that you safely remove unwanted hair from your eyebrows, ears and nose.. The?protective cap that comes with the Andis NT-1 trimmer keeps the blade safe during storage and while travelling.

    The?recessed cutting blades?of this NT-1 trimmer help you to trim hair closer and safer than shears. These blades are made of?rust-proof surgical stainless steel?for hygiene and your safety. The Andis NT-1 trimmer runs on a single AA size battery and gives you a fine?cordless trim?according to your convenience. This battery reduces the effort of having to carry a charger along with you every time you go out.

    Key Features :

    • Made in USA
    • Recessed Cutting Blade
    • Trims Nose/Ear Hair Quickly
    • Protective Cap
    • Rustproof Stainless Steel Blade
    • Shapes Eyebrows in Seconds
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Andis NT-1 Cordless Personal Trimmer For Men
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