10 Simple Grooming Tips Every (Lazy) Man Should Know

We’re in love with laid back guys but there’s a thin line between groomed and scruffy. When was the last time you invested in a really good razor? Is your skincare routine a cursory scrub with a bar soap and not much else? There are things no man should be complacent about, not even lazy ones. Check out these hassle-free grooming tips for men.
Banish irritation with shaving cream
Nicks and cuts ruining your mood? Invest in a quality moisturizing shaving cream and leave on skin to settle for five minutes before picking up the razor. The finish will leave you without red bumps and irritated skin. We recommend Gillette Series Sensitive Skin Pre-Shave Gel.
Fix shaving cuts with lip balm
No man—not even lazy guys—want to leave home with bits of toilet paper stuck on nicks. Use a lip balm instead. Rub a small amount onto your finger and then apply over the wound. The waxy texture will seal the cut and clot the wound. Get Nivea Original Care - Lip Balm today.
New shoes? Spray on Deo to prevent blisters
Breaking in new shoes can be a real pain literally.  You know what can nix the discomfort? Roll on deodorants! Apply Nivea Fresh Natural Anti Perspirant Roll-On Deodorant to your heel area before slipping your feet into a fresh pair of dress shoes. You’ll notice a lot less friction while walking around.
Toss in a bar of soap into your gym bag to prevent a stench
Gym bags stink, right? Take pity on your mates and fix that asap. Just throw in a strongly fragranced bar of soap into the gym bag to neutralise the odor. Simple as that! Try Veda Essence Clarifying Apple Cider Bergamot Soap. 
Chew some mint to ward off bad breath
Forget the chewing gum. It’ll give you a headache and dislodge those fillings. Instead pop a spring of washed fresh mint in your mouth and chew away. The enzymes in it will deodorise bad breath and give you a shot of antioxidants. Just remember to check for green stuff between your teeth before your big date though.
Blast your razor with a hair dryer to keep it sharp for longer
Instead of scraping away at your stubble with a blunt razor, blow dry it after every shave to remove water than cause the blades to rust. All it takes is 30 seconds to dry those babies before packing them away. Try Chaoba 2800 Hair Dryer Professional Range and see the results for yourself.
Dab of hand cream to smooth the frizzies
Not a fan of ruffled hair? Neither are we! But if hair product seems like too much trouble just grab your nearest hand cream like Innisfree Wild Berry Hand Cream. Rub a blob of this hand cream between palms and smooth over your hair evenly. Give it a brush and you’re good to go. And you smell nice too!
Clip your nails (pain-free) after a shower
Water’s your best friend when it comes to nails. They absorb water and soften, making them super easy to clip. So right after your shower, dab yourself dry and get hold of a nail clipper like Panache Nail Clipper Anti – Skid to keep your tips and toes groomed right.
Invest in a multipurpose body cleanser
This fresh find is priceless! The Body Shop Kistna Hair & Body Wash is a combined body wash and hair shampoo-cum-conditioner that saves time and money too. Infused with ingredients that cleanse and refresh, besides conditioning hair in one fuss-free bottle. Just slather on, rinse and you’re good to go!
Use a double duty sunscreen
Leave the CTM routine to the woman in your life. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to sun protect AND moisturize. What better than to find a product that does both? The Kiehl's Facial Fuel UV Guard SPF 50 PA+++ gives you high level SPF broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection while Caffeine and Vitamins C & E energize and invigorate tired and dull skin.