Carry The Salon In Your Bag With Dafni

If spending precious minutes of your busy morning with a hair straightener have become a painful but necessary part of your life, let me tell you that you’re doing it all wrong. You’ve probably been living under a rock if the word ‘Dafni’ sounds unfamiliar. This path-breaking hair appliance is giving other hair straighteners a run for their money and we’re screaming with joy! After all, who doesn’t want a salon standard blowout in minutes. With two exemplary products at their disposal, women all over the world are swearing by smart hair styling.
  • Ten times more powerful that its contemporaries, Dafni reaches the optimum temperature in under a hot minute. Woah!
  • Thanks to 3D technology that creates multiple points of contact, straightening hair no longer means losing your natural bounce.
  • Unlike other products, Dafni cares for the long-term health of your tresses. A constant hair-safe temperature ensures that you don’t have to pay the price for poker-straight locks.
  • 44 spring-loaded insulators on top of the bristles protect your scalp from the heat. No more BFS (Burnt Forehead Syndrome). Safety mechanism – check!
  • On-the-go women, you haven’t been forgotten. For ladies living the fast-paced life, dull hair isn’t an option. Between juggling a hectic work life and travelling the world with your significant other, the super-portable Dafni Go should be your travel-kit priority.
  • Compact and light-weight, a thermal travel case and a thermal cover come complimentary. Add a 15-minute auto shutdown period and a detachable cord to the wow list. Aaah, life’s gonna be so much easier!
Are we going back to the average straightener? Nope!