Does such a thing really exist?
It’s time to forget everything you think you know about contouring. Banish those old school ideas of shading and defining with layers of makeup to create harsh angles. The modern day version is all about creating killer, supermodel cheekbones, sharp noses, structured jawlines and slimmer faces. It’s the ultimate go-to for those of us born with less than perfect faces. And far less painful—and expensive—than plastic surgery. Think of it as transformative magic. You may not get it correct right away but this dark art can define cheekbones even on the plumpest cheeks. It’s pretty straightforward really, all you need are two products: matte shading cream in an earthy hue a couple of shades darker than your natural complexion and a highlighter to bestow new dimensions on your face.
Unleash your inner Michelangelo
As those who know will tell you contouring is a skill akin to sculpting, harnessing the powers of light and shade. Talk to any makeup artist worth his brushes and he’ll tell you that dark hues always downplay while lighter tints does the reverse. Remember the times you felt fat and wore your LBD to look slimmer? So contouring is all about hiding or thinning certain body parts and emphasizing others with the interplay of dark and light. Picture the color grades of foundation, bronzer and highlighter and figure out which of your features are worth highlighting and others made less obvious. Then use your foundation (we like Nykaa SKINgenius Sculpting & Hydrating Foundation and L.A Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Liquid Foundation) on areas you want to make more noticeable, and go darker with bronzer or darker shades of foundation on features you want to soften out. Try Inglot Loose Powder, Shades Soft Beige, Dusky, Snow White and Ivory Beige or IsaDora Bronzing Powder . Highlighting and contouring can be complicated but check out the step-by-step guide below to figure out where to apply your make-up for a sharply defined face.
Contouring simplified
As you’ve guessed, dark shades are used to pull the area inwards while lighter shades push the area outwards. Since each of us has a differently shaped face, ranging from round or oval to square and oblong, take a good look in the mirror to know your own face shape. The pink shading is where you need to apply bronzer to reshape your face to get the chiseled, symmetrical face of your favorite actress.
Three steps to easy contouring
Step 1: Highlight
Whatever your face’s shape you have to first apply concealer. Apply it in the upside-down triangle shape (or hollow) under your eyes, along the bridge of your nose, and above the cupid’s bow of your mouth. This will work as a highlighter on your face and allow natural light to bounce off those areas, making them more prominent. Look for more sparkle? Swipe a little more concealer mixed with an illuminator (Colorbar Body Shimmer) on the ridge of your cheekbones and brow bones to catch the light for radiant perfection. After applying concealer, you can go over with foundation to even out your skin tone.
Step 2: Contour
After applying concealer and foundation, it’s time to unleash some magic with a matte bronzer or contouring powder. Rule of thumb: it should be a couple of shades darker than your foundation. Use a face brush like Colorbar First Impressions Powder Brush to sweep the darker color across the hollows of your cheeks. To do this right, suck in your cheeks. Then sweep bronzer below your jawline, under your chin, and along the perimeter of your forehead. Refer to the face shape chart above to know where best to apply bronzer for chiseled, defined cheekbones and jawline. By the way, contouring is the easiest way to get that sharp, straight nose you always wanted. Use a small brush to dust the contouring formula down the sides of your nose to narrow it down. Hate your long nose? Simply dust contouring powder underneath the tip to instantly shorten it.
Step 3: Blush
The trick to seamless contouring is blending! You don’t want to look like a zebra with dark and light patches all over so make sure to thoroughly blend all your makeup—concealer, foundation, bronzer or contouring powder—with a makeup brush. Now it’s time to sweep blush like Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush or Eleanor Powder Blush on the apples of your cheeks to bring the whole look together. That’s it. In just three quick steps you’ve mastered the contouring techniques of international makeup artistes! Supermodels don’t have anything on you now!