Hot New Launch: Alma K Skin Essentials from the Dead Sea

The newest skin care brand on the block comes from the lowest point on Earth! Delve deep into the Dead Sea as this label combines the healing power of Dead Sea Water, 100% natural Black Mud, and purifying Minerals for optimum skin nourishment.
This collection contains potent minerals and plant extracts ensuring silky, smooth skin is just a cleanse away.
This rich and intoxicating nutritive gel is full of Dead Sea Minerals. Combine that with the soothing properties of Cucumber and Pomegranate to have yourself a gentle yet effective clarifying fix. Topping the list of ingredients is super hydrating Avocado Butter. Use daily for amazing results.
This oh-so-nourishing and smoothing exfoliating experience contains a blend of—you guessed it—Dead Sea Minerals. But what makes it outstanding is the White Tea extract that scrubs away impurities and dead cells by fortifying skin with essential oils. Lather a tiny amount in the shower, gently massaging in circular motions.
This line of skin care solutions combines natural ingredients and ancient sea minerals to restore and replenish with radiance.
This powerful concoction works best after a shower. Massage on still-damp skin to boost hydration. Packed with Shea Butter and Sesame Oil, it calms skin, leaving it with a velvety sheen. Although it can be used on all skin types, it’s best suited for dry skin in need of quick moisturization.
For the best at-home spa experience indulge in mud treatments and textured soaps to replenish and moisturize skin.
If a spa-day seems like too distant a dream, fret not because we’ve got the cure: A Black Mud body soak. This intensive body treatment contains the famed Dead Sea Mud with relaxing Jojoba Oil making it the perfect remedy for an aching back or hurting feet. For a renewed post-shower glow, apply a layer onto skin and leave on for 15 minutes. Then wash off for an at-home spa experience.
This is the ultimate skin-enriching experience. Call it a multi-tasker as this 2-in-1 soap restores hydration, while cleansing and purifying too. The textured nodules help stimulate blood flow, increasing elasticity, replenishing it with natural oils. The romantic aroma of Rosemary Extract renews the skin, while firming it as well. An all-rounder, no?
When are you joining the Dead Sea band wagon?