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In Review: Dr Jamuna Pai’s Skin Lab Range

A beauty line from the pioneer of cosmetic dermatology in India, none other than the gorgeous Dr. Jamuna Pai, Skin Lab now retails exclusively at Nykaa. Six extraordinary, super affordable products that every woman should incorporate in her skin routine, fresh from the lab!
Polish Your Face
Skin alert! If you’re not exfoliating every week, you risk a dead cell buildup that could potentially clog pores. Try the Skin Lab Exfoliating Facial Scrub. Enriched with Apricot Kernel Oil, Almond Oil and Apricot extracts, this formula protects and hydrates your skin to the core. Deep cleans pores without over drying skin.
Mandatory Deep Cleansing
What’s great about the Skin Lab Cleansing Face Wash is that it’s perfect if you have slightly oily skin. Use daily to nix breakouts, soothe skin and tighten pores. Another plus (in our books) the very mild scent; born from a beautiful collaboration of Fruit Vinegar and Witch Hazel.
Shine Be Gone!
The key to working around greasy, acne-prone skin is to invest in a reliable oil-free moisturizer. Dr Pai has put together a lighter-than-air formula that quenches parched skin without causing oiliness or breakouts. The Skin Lab Oil Free Moisturizer Cream is infused with pure Aloe Vera, Mineral Oil and Bees Wax.
Normal Needs Care Too
Even if you’re blessed with clear, normal skin, you still need to moisturize. The Skin Lab Normal Moisturizer Cream fits the bill perfectly. This wondrous formula is enhanced with Cetostearyl Alcohol, Beeswax and Mineral Oil to give your skin a powerful healthy boost.
Dewy Complexions Are Made of These
It’s the most coveted skin look yet. But how can you get that glistening complexion this side of greasy? The answer lies in what you put on your face first thing in the morning. Get that celeb glow with the Skin Lab Protective Day Cream that’s infused with Mulberry extracts and rich Milk protein.
Putting ‘Beauty’ In ‘Beauty Sleep’
If you don’t have a night beauty routine, this is a good time to start Just before you hit snooze, feed your face all the nutrients it needs to repair itself. Give it a good dose of Skin Lab Replenishing Night Cream born from Rice inositol, Wheat Germ Oil and Carrot Oil, and wake up pretty fresh!