In Review: Nykaa GLAMOReyes Eye Pencil

It almost seems like another era when an eyeliner just HAD to be black. Beauty adherents are drifting away from the traditional black liner and we’ve happily jumped on to the bandwagon as well. Blue, turquoise, yellow, green, red – you name it and we’re ready to try it! So, while the ladies of the world are busy mastering the colored-eye look, Nykaa just dropped five fabulous sticks on our desk. Here’s a first-hand account of why these magic wands should be the star of your vanity kit soon.
  • Vibrant shades with a slight shimmery texture; exactly what we need to brighten up a dull day.
  • One stroke and you’re sorted for the next 14 hours. And we aren’t even kidding!
  • Easy-to-apply, intense, and waterproof, just how an ideal eyeliner should be.
  • A dermatologically-tested formula that’s free of Mineral Oil and Paraffin. Win-win, guys!
Time for some literal glamor-eyes-ation!
‘Tis this season of blue eyeliners; clearly nothing’s more in vogue than striking blue-lined peepers. No points for guessing why this one’s the first on our list.
Be your badass best with this teal superstar. A generous swipe of this stick and no one can stop you from standing out from the crowd. Take our word!
Blue’s too mainstream? Be a green beauty. Hell, green’s even been crowned the Color of the Year! Need any more reason to go green with those alluring eyes?
Send the temp soaring with the subtle-yet-sexy grey. Mutely classy, this is for days when neither can you go all out with a color pop nor can you settle for black. Whoever said Voodoo’s dangerous!
Azure is probably the most understated color in the entire family of blue. Well, time to bring it into the limelight. Opt for this chic shade and keep ’em guessing.