Matte Liquid Lipstick Heaven with Faces Ultime Pro

You can either be a sucker for liquid lippies or a self-proclaimed matte fanatic since the world is yet to see a product that unites them both. Until now! With the launch of the Ultime Pro Liquid Matte Lipstick, Faces has revolutionized our lipstick kit and how. With features like long-lasting stay and intense-color payoff, feather-soft, velvety feel on lips and highly pigmented color, it’s time to treat your pucker to these eight delectable shades.

1. Rebel Red

Take cue from its name and be the rebel that you’ve always wanted to be. Source the confidence from this statement hue; swipe in style and head right out the door.

2. Merlot

Always had a soft corner for magical maroon but never found ‘THE’ perfect match? Deriving inspiration from intoxicating Merlot wine, channel your inner, bolder diva with this killer of a color!

3. Pink Promise

Fuchsia be your soulmate? Look hither! Probably the first love of every beauty aficionado around the globe, this hue is the pinkest pink possible. Clearly, there’s no such thing as too pink for a woman.

4. Nude Truffle

New nude alert! Vanity kit overflowing with nude lipsticks and you’re still not satiated? This delectable truffle, with slight undertones of pink, is the unanimous choice for all skin tones.

5. Tangy Orange

Your makeup game in dire need of a pop of color? Say no more, lady! Move over monotonous pouts; make way for the tangiest orange popsicle in the market. No points for guessing what our latest coral crush is.

6. Dark Chocolate

’Tis the universe’s way of satisfying your sweet tooth. Bite into a bar of dark chocolate while you swish this lip-smacking shade across your lips. Cocoa heaven, here we come!

7. Berry Boost

Love berries to death? How about giving this berry-inspired lip superstar a try? Juicy berry lips at your service, madame! A neutral face, berry-crushed lips… aaand you’re sorted for the day.

8. Kiss Of Fire

Bold enough for the Kiss of Fire? A slightly unusual, off-the-wall sister of the classic red, we clearly saved the best of the list for the last. Time to go swish-swish-swish!