Each time you browse through The Gram, there’s a flurry of stand-out fads – a couple can be labelled creative, a few experimental and the rest, well, simply statement-making. Remember the #KylieChallenge (sucking on a shot-glass for fuller lips?) or those weird-looking squiggly brows and how smitten were we by the unicorn bug that didn’t pause till there was glitter poop! Yes, we’ve seen them all, but much like tinsel lashes most have come and gone. So, when there’s a style-craze that’s as pretty as it is practical, it catches our fancy ’cos let’s face it, it’s going to go viral.  Enter our newfound love – glass lips, the latest beauty trend to hit our feed.
Honestly, it was about time we moved our translucent frenzy to highlight not only dewy skin but also the pout. Taking cue from the bold goddess Rihanna herself who just dropped the Gloss Bomb aka the you-gotta-have-it lip gloss, mark our words, there’s a ’90s beauty revival of explosive shine and gloss. So, what exactly is the glass lip craze and how is it different from plain ’ol gloss?
Rumour has it that the obsession with glass-like lips began sometime last year courtesy MUA’s who wanted to add a multi-dimensional effect to basic lip-gloss. But it wasn’t until early 2018 that the trend shot-off for the stars (quite literally, there’s galactic lips that we’ll come to in a minute).  Rumour has it MUA Jazmina Daniel translated our obsession with the boss-like gloss by using reflective paper, precision, and patience. The result, the usual sheen took on a life on its own. Here’s proof.
Since then fellow beauty heavy-weights took to the sky for inspiration. James Charles for instance found it in the mesmerizing shades of a stained-glass window. Here’s his version
And, then there’s taking the term ‘reflection’ all too literally. Check out this mean feat
Taking it notches higher is combining both pieces of paper and ombre lips for a stunning 3-D effect
More hypnotic is the recent oil-spill trend that’s crossed on over to the dark side by mimicking a black magic rainbow, almost. Be forewarned, practice makes perfect, look-see here or you could just settle for L.A. Colors Pout Super Shine Lipgloss – Tantalizing  or NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lustre Glossy Tint - Violet Glass They’re sure to give off either intergalactic princess-like or space-baby vibes.
Moving on to the easier-to-replicate yet captivating works of art in IRL is the ombre gloss effect courtesy Miss Jaz, of course. Use an ombre matte such as L.A. Colors Moisture Cream Lipstick - Angelic + Matte Liquid Lip Color – Eclipse as the perfect base and then gloss-over with Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss. L.A. Girls Metal Liquid Lipstick too does wonders as a holographic topper.
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