Nail The Smokey Eye Look And Be A Smokestorm

Smokey Eye Makeup
Sultry, slightly smokey eyes has been #1 on the world’s hottest makeup trends list for years now. And going by what we know, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. However, it’s a fact that most women still haven’t aced the art of smudged-on-purpose eye makeup. If you are nodding guilty at this moment, here’s your chance to up your smokey eye makeup game.
Before we begin, here’s what you need for all your practice seshs. And yes, we’re not just sticking to the timeless yet overdone black smokey eye. If you’re not someone to shy away from bold color pops, this piece of information will make your day.
Be The Smoke Storm

Next up is a super-detailed smokey eye makeup tutorial. Here’s where you’ll find the answers to all your questions about ‘how to do smokey eyes’.

  1. Begin your smokey eye tutorial by creating an opaque base for the lid. Here’s where you need a good eye primer. An eye primer removes any discoloration around the eyes and smoothens the texture of your lids so that the products blend effortlessly.
  2. Next up, use a matte eyeshadow palette that boasts of bold colors like slate grey and jet black. Layer these colours well to create the base. Cover your entire eyelid, right up till the crease. The idea is to layer and layer until you achieve the desired, smudgey look. Remember to blend well because smokey eyes are all about blurred definitions.
  3. To make your smokey eyes even more killer, get your hands on the eyeliner and line way. Don’t keep it subtle ‘cause a look as glamorous as this deserves a sharp wing or a perfect cat eye.
  4. Now fish out your favourite kajal and line the waterline. Swipe a generous amount of kohl and then use a smudging brush to blur the lines ‘cause no smokey eye makeup is complete without heavily kohled eyes.
  5. Lastly, pick out the ideal mascara depending on how your natural eyelashes are. So, go for a lengthening mascara for short lashes, a curling mascara for straight lashes, and a volumizing one for skimpy lashes.
You Ask, We Answer
Now that the smokey eye tutorial is over, its time to answer the most commonly asked questions about the huge eye makeup trend. Let’s begin.

Q. I don’t have an eyeshadow palette and eyeliner. How to do smokey eye makeup with just a kajal pencil?

A. You can attain an equally sexy smokey eye look with just a kohl pencil. Draw a thick line across your upper lash line with the pencil; don’t fret about drawing it perfectly since you’ll be smudging it anyway. Now using a soft smudging brush, blend the line across your entire lid. Lastly line your waterline and smudge it to complete the look.

Q. I always perfect smokey eyes but then pollution and sweat mess it up in just a few hours. By the time my day is over, I have racoon eyes. How do I make the look last longer?

A. The trick here is to use waterproof products that promise a long-lasting, sweat-proof application. Also, don’t skip the eye primer, even though it may seem unnecessary at times. You can also set your makeup with a setting spray for some added protection.

Q. I’m going for an intense black smokey eye for a party tonight. I am confused about which lipcolor should I pair it with? Will a red pout complement it?

A. The thumb rule of makeup says that you should pick out one element from your face and highlight it. To let your eyes, stand out, you need to keep the rest of your face muted. Stay away from bright reds and pinks and go for the subtler shades of your kitty, like a nude or a soft brown.

Q. My friend uses the smokey eye as her everyday eye look. Even I want to carry it off during the day but am sceptical about my eyes looking OTT and grabbing unnecessary attention?

A. The best part about this fun eye makeup look is that you can play around with its intensity. So, if you want to achieve a subtle yet flirty daytime smokey eye look, use only a little of your eyeshadow and do not cover your entire eyelid.