New Right Now: The Natural Goodness of ‘Citra’

The latest launch in the beauty world is a brand called Citra. With over 30 years of experience in Asian markets, it recently launched in India. We’re putting to the test two of the best-selling ranges: Japanese Green Tea and Korean Pink Pearl. So, scroll down as we let you in on our little experiment.

Japanese Green Tea Range

If you’re looking for dewy, lit-from-within skin that says, “I’m glowing”, this range is all you need. Green Tea is a potent natural ingredient that acts as a powerful antioxidant, flushing out harmful toxins. When combined into beauty routines it immediately clears blemishes, controls oil production and evens out the skin tone. Jump on the Green Tea bandwagon for a flawless complexion.
New Right Now The Natural Goodness of Citra
A CTM regime is a must for beauty junkies or newbies. Start off each day afresh with the mild scent of revitalizing Green Tea. Just a little goes a long way, pump a drop or two and lather it on to your face. The gentle foam cleanses, as well as effectively gets rid of impurities and dead cells, revealing picture-perfect skin.
Once your face feels spotless, it’s time to prep before applying makeup. So, in circular motions apply this light-weight moisturizer for a boost of hydration. What’s more, this brightening cream even clears all blemish marks with constant application. If dullness was your arch nemesis, this got you covered.
New Right Now The Natural Goodness of Citra1

Korean Pink Pearl

This time we’re delving deep into the sea to get a hold of Mother Nature’s precious pearls. These small but very powerful secret ingredients help rebuild the skin’s natural collagen, firming it from within. It also boasts multiple other benefits such as acne fighter, skin brightener, and mild exfoliator.
New Right Now The Natural Goodness of Citra2
Packed with the goodness of Korean Pink Pearls this deep cleaning gel foam almost instantly reveals smooth, supple skin. Use it daily for a brightened, more even toned complexion. Its lightening properties get into pores to clean from deep within, come rain or shine.
We’ve saved the best for last. If you’re looking for a daily cream that’s non-oily and sticky, this one’s the best. Don’t believe us, try it out for yourself. The moisturizer quickly penetrates the underlying layers of skin quenching it from the inside. The result, deep conditioned skin that always looks perfect!
New Right Now The Natural Goodness of Citra3