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6 fragrances to woo her right

November 1, 2016
Posted by Jinelle DLima
Wooing, my friend, is an art of subtleties. You could wear yourself out trying to impress your woman but it may just not be enough. What then do you fall back on? Simple: Be yourself. On the path of love, wearing a fragrance that speaks unapologetically of who you are can make or break the deal. The world of fragrances can be as deceptive as panning for gold: you must sift through the fakes to get to the treasure. That is exactly why we’ve chosen fragrances that speak of you much more lucidly than words.


The cool rush of green tangerine infused with light mellow aquatic notes, a burst of calabrian bergamot coupled with bitter neroli and a seductive fusion of fruity persimmon and warm Indonesian patchouli help the introvert in you to ease out. Charm her with your solitude. You don’t have to be loud. Trust your instincts, go slow and unveil your heart little by little. Build a love you are proud of with Giorgio Armani’s Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme Eau De Toilette.


strong>CK Eternity Now For Men EDT is for the man who’s a self-discoverer. Unearthing who he is, every moment of every day, he takes on adventures of the spirit. With your lady love, don’t expect any less. Let your stars align with someone who loves herself deeply. With top notes of coconut water, star anise and cedar, heart notes of Moroccan cedar, and base notes of tonka bean and Madagascar vanilla, this is a sure winner that redefines elegance and poise.


Having dug up your inner treasures, it’s now time to flaunt them wide. Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme Leather Eau De Parfum lets you do just that. Let your beloved love you for all your imperfections. Let her applaud your strengths and celebrate your vulnerabilities. Settle for nothing less. The fragrance elicits nutmeg and cardamom’s top notes concocted with saffron and leather notes and the delightful base notes of honey and tonka beans, exuding a scent that will blow her away.


Logic kisses the intellectual deep with Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Eau De Toilette Spray. A magnetic Mediterranean scent, it reflects your perspective with class. Do not hesitate to engage in sagacious conversations with your lady. Be rouge, be utopic, and do not apologise for everything you are. You will love the sparkling notes of bergamot, ginger and vetiver that leave a sensual trail.


The man of heart is a man of love. A warm, welcoming halo of energy, he is best complimented with DKNY’s Men Ii Eau De Toilette. Forever uncovering the many layers of his spirit, let yourself be cherished for who you are. Open with a citrus twist of bergamot and mandarin, followed by spicy pepper cardamom heart notes and creamy base notes of sandalwood, orris and patchouli to mesmerize your damsel.


The “You Only Live Once” attitude is effortlessly in the cells of the player. If you claim to be one, Davidoff’s Cool Water Night Dive Eau De Toilette helps you reveal your ‘live in the present’ ideology with its unique fragrance. Forget the future, love fiercely now and let today be all you’ve got. Top notes of mint, heart notes of cashmeran and base notes of amber and lentisque wood, you’re sure to sweep your lady off her feet. 
Woo her right. And woo her with your heart. This wedding season let love guide your steps. Comment below on your favourite scent.