The Latest Launches from Mitchell USA

Considered a leader in the cosmeceutical skincare space, Mitchell USA just added two more stellar products to their existing range. Hence, it isn’t news that these latest launches too are powered with high-performance, cutting-edge innovations focussed on exceeding beauty benefits. Have a look at the superior essentials you need to stack by your bedside.
If there’s one K-Beauty mantra we all need to incorporate it’s: skincare comes first. True to its name this neck refining cream instantly rejuvenates, moisturizes and improves skin’s texture. Enriched with Anti-Wrinkle Youth Peptide and Lotus Seed Extract the powerful formula delays all the first signs of aging. Apply this potent mix in the a.m. and p.m. to smoothen fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin, resulting in younger looking, flawless skin.
A cleanser like no other, this multi-tasking superhero brightens up the skin as it purifies from within. On first application, its oh-so-gentle formula settles deep into the face un-clogging dirt, grime and grit as well as any residue left from daily makeup. An intoxicating aroma blended with non-drying properties foams to reveal clearer, brighter, younger looking skin. Another bonus, it refines pores with every wash.
Our Verdict
Give the products a shot if you want to go for the glow! The formulas backed by hi-tech ingredients live up to all the claims on the fine print. As for cons, we genuinely can’t think of any!