In line with our Secrets of the Sea edit, we decided to draw beauty inspo from its most intriguing, mythical creature, the mermaid. The internet has been awash with mermaid makeup for a while now, so much so, that innumerable iterations of it have emerged, from soft and subtle to straight up theatrical.
What better occasion, then, than the monsoon to ride the wave with these divine, true-blue looks? We’ve put together our favorite interpretations of Ariel Beauty, both wearable and wacky. Pick between a piercing blue gaze, or a sea-soaked mane, holographic cheekbones or drenched lips – no matter which, we guarantee you’ll be the biggest, most beautiful fish in the sea.


Whether you’re armed with liner, mascara or eyeshadow, there are several ways to get ethereal, Ariel-endorsed eyes. Do it one of three ways: try a delicate, dual layer of pastel blue and green, or a shock of iridescent indigo shadow on your lids.
If you’re not one for shadow play, a streak of blue liner will put the ‘water’ in waterline, or another alternative yet is whipping your lashes wavy with colored mascara and glossy lids for an ocean-glazed mermaid gaze.


Bioluminescence isn’t just for jellyfish. Make like the ocean’s inhabitants with holographic highlighter to impart a 3D, prismatic glow you’d only otherwise see while snorkeling over a sunlit bed of reef.
If you can’t find a holographic one, regular highlighter swept onto your cheekbones, cupid’s bow and down the bridge of your nose is enough to add an otherworldly dimension.
Another route to moist, mermaid skin is an illuminated base: put a pinch of highlighter in your foundation or BB cream, or use a finishing spray that lends a hydrated, dewy glow.


Whether it’s glitter, gloss or gorgeous blue, the mermaid mouth is a high-octane affair. Match your highlighter with a sheath of holographic gloss over your lipstick, or turn runway to reality with a glittery, statement lip – just mix loose glitter into your lipstick or gloss and dab on with reckless abandon.
Another way to do it – and this isn’t for the faint-hearted – is unapologetic blue lipstick, coupled with devil-may-care swagger and nothing else.


If dyeing your hair is too big a commitment, forget multi-colored mermaid strands. A subtler way to rock an ocean-inspired hairstyle is to weave blue or green extensions into beach-textured waves, or sport a lush, mermaid braid decorated with barnacle-inspired baubles.
For nights out, turn the tide with a fresh-out-the-water wet hairstyle, like a slicked back ponytail – a great way to hide monsoon frizz, as well.


Between jewel-encrusted nails, glitters, chromes and elaborate aquatic designs, there’s plenty of options with which you can bring the ocean to your fingertips. Don’t have time for that nail appointment? Put on a quick coat of metallic or high-gloss blue or green– simple, yet equally eye-catching.