Unmissable Beauties from The Face Shop

K-Beauty brand The Face Shop is a beauty treasure trove for millions of women around the globe, including us. Though it’s tough to pin down a winning few, we’ve listed the latest can’t-be-missed offerings from this sensational skin brand. Don’t blame us for raving about these at length; try them yourself!
Blazing sun, go away! Enriched with SPF 50 and Sun Flower Extracts, this stick is the ideal go-to magic wand before you step out. What’s more, it’s waterproof with anti-wrinkle properties that work for up to 24 hours. This is the closest you get to a Korean beauty experience sans sky high prices. Dull, pigmented skin… see you never!
Amidst all the hullabaloo around revolutionary cushion compacts, there’s one that stands out. Break up with those base makeup woes because here’s a product that’s a perfect balance of a CC cream, foundation and sunscreen. Replete with high coverage and adhesiveness, not only does this intense formula brighten, but also fade wrinkles. Plus, the micro-molecule Hyaluronic Acid particles hydrate skin from within.
A natural brightening solution at heart, this is not JUST another facewash. This cleansing foam from The Face Shop eliminates the most stubborn makeup residue and moisturizes deeply. Boasting of a milky texture that’s suitable for all skin types, a clear complexion will no longer be a dream. The basics of your cleansing routine need not be that basic, after all!
Nothing defines ‘Science meets Beauty’ better than this delicately fragranced hand cream enriched with Gren Tea. This antioxidant rich, lightweight, non-sticky cream quickly seeps into skin to soothe, soothe, soften and hydrate. Formulated with Vaseline, Shea Butter and Olive Oil, this beauty is dermatologically tested and free of artificial coloring and synthetic preservatives.
Pores the size of craters is not a pretty look. Now you can sport the tautest, smoothest skin ever thanks to this light-as-air Pore Care Mask that contains natural Polyphenols to calm skin and give you a pore-less, even textured finish. Meanwhile, another ingredient, Tannins reduce shine and calm over-active oil glands. Formulated without added parabens. Bye-Bye pores!