Aroma Treasures Clary Sage Pure Essential Oil(10ml)

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  • Physical Wellbeing : The clary sage oil is famously known for its aphrodisiac properties that boost the feelings of sexual desire. The second most popular use of this oil is to treat irregular or painful menses. The clary sage is a must try before you decide to spend on expensive treatment from a gynecologist. The oil is absolutely safe and has no adverse effects .

    Beauty Applications : The clary sage oil helps in healing rashes on the skin and further regulates the natural oils in the skin. We recommend the use of the oil along with a carrier agent like almond oil in order to maximize the result. After all, who doesn't want beautiful skin

    Emotional Wellbeing : Whether you need to calm down, concentrate or just have good nights sleep, the clary sage oil is your solution. The clary sage oil works as an excellent anti depressant. It can be very helpful whilst coping up with career failures, personal insecurity or anxiety. It helps in lifting the spirit of individuals and instilling feelings of pleasure and confidence .

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    Essential oils are naturally extracted from plants to induce relaxation, increase energy and reduce stress. It seeks overall balance of mind, body and soul. Our essential oils are multipurpose in nature due to their antiseptic, antiviral and anti inflammatory qualities. Its healing properties assist in curing various disorders. Apart from its medicinal properties, it is also a great ingredient for emotional wellbeing, a definite anti depressant. Universally, these oils are also used for beautification .

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Aroma Treasures Clary Sage Pure Essential Oil